The Introduction



Let us start with the introductions.

I am a man in my mid 30s, married to a woman of about the same age. We’ve been together since we were in our mid 20s, married for about half that time.
We both have perfectly average 9-5 type jobs, we live in a perfectly average suburb of a perfectly average town in the North of England. We are, in fact, perfectly average except for the fact that, our sex life has developed from vanilla to one which is a lot less vanilla and with a clear dom/sub dynamic.


I feel that our relationship is at a stage where the d/s aspect is becoming a lot more prominent and I think it’s going to keep growing in prominence and significance in the future. As that happens, I know I’m going to need a space to process some thoughts I might be having have about what’s happening, and I find that writing stuff down helps me to reflect on what’s happening, it helps me turn random thought jumbles into coherent thoughts and generally helps me spot what’s going well and what needs improvement.




One thought on “The Introduction

  1. Congratulations on starting your blog. I have certainly felt that mine helped me, not only to process the things that were happening but also to help me to keep my mindset. It has also been a great support in terms of learning from others so I wanted to wish you all the best.


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